What type of database do you use?

The default database is an Apache Derby database, which is flat files-based, relational database that Wildbook auto-creates on your file system in the Tomcat root directory. However, because we use DataNucleus, you can use a large number of database software and database types with Wildbook. Please see this listing from DataNucleus. To define a new database type, you must set the appropriate DataNucleus properties in the bundled file jdoConfig.properties. If you change entries in this file, you must also include the related JDBC JAR file for the selected database in Wildbook WEB-INF/lib directory and finally restart your J2EE contain (e.g., Tomcat) for the change to take effect.

Our experience is that Derby does not scale to meet the needs of large projects, and PostgreSQL can fail on complex queries due to errors in its JDBC connector. We have had the best success using MySQL.

What programming language and version do you use?

Java 6+

Is this software free and open source?


I have a lot of existing mark-recapture data. Do I have to manually enter it in through the web interface?

No, you can also use Wildbook API to build your own custom data importer, which will read in your data and create the corresponding org.ecocean.Encounter and org.ecocean.MarkedIndividual objects for persistence.