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 ======Past News==== ​ ======Past News==== ​
 +Wildbook 7 development is underway! A few things to look forward to in the new version:
 +  * default integration of the YouTube datamining intelligent agent we have developed for whaleshark.org. If Wildbook has been trained for your species, we'll have the intelligent agent aiding your research community with data from YouTube
 +  * Survey ​ and SurveyTrack data constructs are now being merged to master for broader usage
 +  * a new user interface for bulk visual data submission with computer vision integration
 +  * a new data import standard and supporting importer for new/​updating data sets
 +  * new User objects to better track citizen science contributions
 +  * standard architecture in Azure.
 +  * ...and much, much more!
 **2017-09-03** **2017-09-03**