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 ===== News ===== ===== News =====
 +Where'​s the Wildbook team? If you take a look at our [[https://​github.com/​WildbookOrg/​Wildbook|master branch on Github.com]] and separately in our Image Analysis repo, you'll see commits flying fast and furious. Wildbook 7 is nearing completion, and many of our platforms have already been upgraded to stay current with master. However, our recent support from Microsoft has given us time to rip off old band-aids and remove old hacks. We're re-implementing all existing Wildbooks with a common, new computer vision pipeline that can pivot and behave differently for each species. This has been a huge lift and far more work than we expected, but we're very happy to have the time and funding to finally do it. It's absolutely critical to drive complexity and cost down, and sometimes only experience can show how that should be done. Here is a list of what you can expect in the upcoming release of Wildbook 7.
 +  * Consolidated computer vision pipeline for multiple algorithms and species, especially HotSpotter and CurvRank
 +  * Intelligent Agent data collection from YouTube, combining multiple forms of machine learning to capture more data from the public. On whaleshark.org,​ our Intelligent Agent is significantly outperforming human researchers in raw data collection and curation yet finding data generally otherwise missed by the research community.
 +  * Improved Image Analysis performance and stability
 +  * CurvRank algorithm integration,​ support, and stability and speed improvements
 +  * Improved multi-species support for data management and computer vision
 +  * For spotted species, faster spot pattern matching and more stable matching clients
 +  * Better in-page editing features
 +  * Improved User management, providing a better foundation for growth in citizen science and engagement
 +  * Multiple ​