Wildbook Security


User Configuration




Social Media Login


### social media login
allowSocialMediaLogin = false
allowFacebookLogin = true
allowFlickrLogin = true
allowSocialMediaAccountCreation = false

User Agreement

You can configure Wildbook to force every user with login credentials to review and accept a User Agreement, helping you to ensure all users understand the guidelines and rules of your study and community.

To turn on Wildbook's User Agreement functions, set the showUserAgreement value in commonConfiguration.properties to true.

#Manage settings for a user agreement indicating terms of usage for this Wildbook
showUserAgreement = true

Change the text of userAgreement.jsp to include your User Agreement details, then restart Tomcat to pick up the change.

At first login, new users will be logged back out and forced to accept the terms of the User Agreement before being allowed into Wildbook.

Securing Pages/Functions


Wildbook protects the Encounter submission form (submit.jsp) from spamming data submissions using Google's reCAPTCHA technology.

Wildbook uses a default set of credentials Google provides for testing. You should obtain your own site and secret keys from Google and set them in recaptcha.properties to remove any default messaging from Google.

#properties for recaptcha on data submission
#obtain your site and secret keys from https://www.google.com/recaptcha
siteKey = Your Google-provided reCAPTCHA site key here
secretKey = Your Google-provided reCAPTCHA secret key here

Restart Tomcat after changing your recaptcha.properties file.