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 =====News===== =====News=====
 +Wild Me is happy to announce that we have received funding from the Gordan and Betty Moore foundation to advance our mission. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation fosters path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation,​ patient care improvements and preservation of the special character of the Bay Area. Visit Moore.org and follow @MooreFound. ​
 +With this Wild Me will be able to continue to push forward the Wildbook software and make it available to more users and useful for more species. ​
 **2019-08-08** **2019-08-08**
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   * [[https://​www.whaleshark.org|Wildbook for Whale Sharks]] for whale sharks (//​Rhincodon typus//)   * [[https://​www.whaleshark.org|Wildbook for Whale Sharks]] for whale sharks (//​Rhincodon typus//)
   * [[https://​www.mantamatcher.org|MantaMatcher]] for manta rays (//Manta birostris// and //Manta alfredi//)   * [[https://​www.mantamatcher.org|MantaMatcher]] for manta rays (//Manta birostris// and //Manta alfredi//)
-  * [[https://​iot.wildbook.org|Internet of Turtles]] for hawksbill and green sea turtles+  * [[https://​iot.wildbook.org|Internet of Turtles]] for sea turtles
   * [[https://​leopardshark.wildbook.org|Wildbook for Leopard Sharks]]   * [[https://​leopardshark.wildbook.org|Wildbook for Leopard Sharks]]
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 =====Get Wildbook===== =====Get Wildbook=====
-[[downloads|Learn how to get Wildbook.]]+Wildbook software is open source through the [[https://​www.gnu.org/​licenses/​old-licenses/​gpl-2.0.en.html ​|GNU GPL v.2]] license. You are free build and host it yourself if you have experience ​ maintaining web applications. Wild Me can facilitate hosting and custom solutions based on service contracts, or direct you to an available online platform we maintain as part of our non profit mission. 
 +[[downloads|Wildbook Downloads]] 
 +If you choose to download and build Wildbook yourself please refer to the installation instructions in the User Guide referenced below.  ​
 =====R Package===== =====R Package=====
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   * [[security|Security Guide]]   * [[security|Security Guide]]
   * [[http://​www.wildme.org/​services|Wild Me Professional Services]]   * [[http://​www.wildme.org/​services|Wild Me Professional Services]]
 +//Need help?//
 +Please contact us on our community forums. ​
 +This is a brand new addition to our support system and monitored regularly by our engineering staff. ​
 +If you have setup questions, features requests, bugs or other feedback please post here first and 
 +join us in growing the community. [[https://​community.wildbook.org/​ | Wildbook Community Forum]]
 +//Need to contact us directly?//
 +Wild Me (wildme.org) engineering staff also provide direct support for Wildbook. You can contact us at: [[support@wildme.org]]
 +We provide direct support during regular office hours on Mondays and Tuesdays.
 ====Open Source with a Professional Support Option==== ====Open Source with a Professional Support Option====
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 The following publications have resulted or been supported by Wildbook-related work: The following publications have resulted or been supported by Wildbook-related work:
 +  * [[https://​wildlife.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/​doi/​full/​10.1002/​wsb.1086|Nipko R., Holcombe B., and Kelly M. (2020) Identifying Individual Jaguars and Ocelots via Pattern‐Recognition Software: Comparing HotSpotter and Wild‐ID. The Wildlife Society Bulletin. https://​doi.org/​10.1002/​wsb.1086]]
   * [[https://​journals.plos.org/​plosone/​article/​citation?​id=10.1371/​journal.pone.0214269|   * [[https://​journals.plos.org/​plosone/​article/​citation?​id=10.1371/​journal.pone.0214269|